Mike develops, teaches and coaches people with real-world solutions and actionable tools. He and his team work with teams of all sizes to help them create the kind of company culture they want and will commit to owning.

Whether you need a good old-fashioned training program or a better understanding of how to move past the biases we all bring to the table, Mike and team offer a wide range of consulting services. Explore Multiple Hats' services to find your best fit and then email us to get started.


"I have tremendous respect for Mike as a colleague, a learning professional, and trusted advisor. He cares deeply about the work and outcomes he builds. His authentic, pragmatic approach to learning and coaching, coupled with his ability to listen and offer solid recommendations makes him an invaluable resource. And he is sheer a pleasure to work with!"

— Keami D. Lewis, Head of Talent and Organizational Development at PIMCO

"Mike is one of the most talented facilitators and is in general a brilliant L&D professional. Mike understands the slings and arrows of company culture - moving fast to focus on what matters and invest in the content that makes the most impact."

— Ian Saville, Learning and Development Partner at Facebook

"I worked with Mike and have personally witnessed his ability to turn teams and organizations around. His drive and commitment to helping individuals realize their ability to power and influence their environment, is unmatched."

— Brooks Scott, VP of Safety Operations at Tanium

"Mike is one of the most fun, collaborative, and accomplished people I've worked with. He has an amazing ability to engage with people and make them more effective in their work. Whether it's sitting down 1:1 and coaching someone to become a better communicator, facilitating a learning & development class, or presenting in front of hundreds of new hires, Mike can connect with everybody and figure out what people need to become better at their job."

— Greg Bertleff, Recruiting Manager at Facebook

Consulting services
Strategy • Performance expectations
Management consulting
Not your typical approach to management consulting, Mike and team can help you think through what you should expect of your people managers, what their direct reports should be contributing to the manager-employee relationship and how to build systems and development opportunities to maximize the relationship to the greatest effect. At its best, management is a 50/50 partnership and we can help you figure out how to make that real in your organization.
Facilitator management • Post-learning application
Managing Unconscious Bias
Every living person has unconscious biases that sabotage results. Most organizations have specific goals they want to achieve with regards to diversity & inclusion but spend precious little time understanding the role that bias plays in affecting their results. Building on the content that Mike built at/for Facebook (with COO Sheryl Sandberg) we can help you figure out how to make meaningful progress in starting conversations about the biases that are holding you and your organizations back.
Most comprehensive
Learning and Development Consulting
If you want to build a really effective Learning & Development team that prioritizes and focuses on only the most impactful and important content, we can help. We’ve helped (as employees and consultants) build some of the best learning teams in the world and can help you think through learning strategy, content focus and prioritization, learning as a culture builder, etc. From onboarding to leadership development, we focus on bringing the best out of people at every stage of their careers.
Manager Development Facilitation
Sometimes what you need most is a good old-fashioned instructor-led training program. Mike and his colleagues have built and delivered all kinds of management courses, both off-the-shelf programs like Situational Leadership® II, Marcus Buckingham’s Strong Manager Program, VitalSmarts’ Crucial Conversations™ and custom-built solutions. We’re management theory nerds and would love to help you figure out the right solution for your organization.
Mike is a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation (www.coachingfederation.org) and a 2019 graduate of the coach training program at The Hudson Institute (www.hudsoninstitute.com). Hudson is widely considered to be one of the best coaching schools in the world and its coaches have been doing groundbreaking work with clients for decades. He does coaching because he believes strongly that sometimes the best intervention is the smallest – a 1:1 coaching engagement. Mike has a long track record of coaching employees at all levels - from senior individual contributors to C-level executives - and. increasingly, in myriad different industries. Mike takes a ‘coach from behind’ approach with his clients, so regardless of the focus area, his approach is to help them see their goals clearly, understand the obstacles in front of them and the specific steps and actions they need to take to move in the direction that will leverage the very best of their strengths.
If you’re ready to get started or would like to know more, contact Mike to learn about next steps.
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